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The Corporate Dental Program (CDP) is a zero-cost, zero-admin employee benefit scheme provided across Australia and New Zealand by the Dental Care Network ™.

When your organisation becomes a Corporate Partner to the CDP, it means the family of every employee can potentially save thousands of dollars a year and maintain optimal dental health.

Who is covered?

The Corporate Dental program covers employees as well as their spouse, their children, and parents/in-law.

  1. 10% discount on dental treatments*
  2. Free comprehensive dental accident coverage, Dentisure™ to cover them against unexpected dental accidents*
For full terms and conditions visit:
The Corporate Dental Program is completely free.
  • No reporting,
  • no reconciliations,
  • no fees.
The costs and administration related to the offers included in the CDP are entirely covered by the Dental Care Network™. We provide promotional material outlining the offers. You distribute it to your employees and we’ll manage the rest.
How will this benefit your business?
  • Encouraging healthy employees, which is linked to business productivity.
  • Rewarding employees for their loyalty and hard work.
  • Adding to your offer package when attracting, hiring and retaining new employees to the business.
  • Promoting a family culture at the business by extending the program to include family members.

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