Dental Week 2013

Did you know Dental Health Week started on August 5th 2013?

Well, our practice will be celebrating for the entire month of August in order to raise awareness of some key dental issues. So why not take the opportunity to have some of your questions answered and to learn the current state of your dental health from a professional?

  • Want to learn what causes bad breath and how to avoid it?
  • Do you know what foods are good for your teeth and what foods are bad?
  • You know the general health side effects of drinking and smoking, but do you
    know the effect both have on your teeth?
  • Are your teeth stained or discoloured and are not sure of what your options are to
    make them whiter?

Then what better time to make an appointment to discuss your oral health, receive a full check-up and to learn hygiene techniques to do with brushing, flossing and avoiding bad breath, and to have a full check-up. Click on the Contact Us page for our contact details so you can make an appointment and have all your questions answered.

Remember, a visit to the dentist is not just for a periodic clean. Just like your GP, your dentist is there to alleviate current problems, answer your questions or concerns, and utilise their vast array of knowledge and experience to give you all the tips you need to maintain your oral health.

Australian Dental Association Dental Health Week

This year, the Australian Dental Association is focusing on young adults, aged 18-30 years. This is because we generally find that many young people who may have maintained good oral health as children have since moved out of home or are at university and are more at risk of falling into bad habits and then not maintaining regular appointments, meaning they are more susceptible to more serious dental problems and conditions. To highlight some issues facing this age group, the ADA has written a number of articles aimed at educating, as well as shining the spotlight on some real-world issues that you may not normally associate with bad oral health.

What are the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on your teeth? How about smoking or even drug use? These articles and more are explored by the ADA in what is a very thought provoking topic for 2013 for both young people and their parents alike. Learn more at the ADA Dental Health Week website, located here.

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