How to make money from your holiday photos

What if there was a way to sell all those extra scenery photos you took on your last holiday. This may not be a licence to print money, but for some of you, budding amateur photographers, it could still be well worth your while.

Take a look around you, look at magazines, posters, advertisements, leaflets, flyers, books, the internet, and billboards in fact everywhere you look you see images of some sort right?

A huge percentage of those images came from a stock library. Why? Because for many businesses, the cost of hiring or employing a photographer is simply not cost effective for the amount of images they use or need.

It is much simpler to browse through a stock library and choose the images that suit their requirements. Next time you’re travelling, don’t forget to take your camera with you and start snapping photos you think other people would find useful.

For one, taking stock photography whilst on holiday makes you get off your sun bed and actually take in some of the beautiful surroundings that you find yourself in. So many people make the effort to go abroad only to laze around the pool all day! Why not earn some cash to pay for the holiday? In fact, take a photo of your sun bed!

Look around at the architecture of where you are. Look at the people, how they dress and go about their daily lives. What is their transport like, their shops, their homes or their clothes? How can you capture the essence of the place with your camera?

Think about why those foreign images may be used and by whom. Holiday brochures and websites, travel books, geography illustrations, teaching aids and advertising billboards.

Take two or three shots of the same subject only from different angles and time of day and make sure you have enough storage space with you. There is nothing wrong in getting ideas from existing images but try not to plagiarise or copy them exactly, make your own mark in the world of stock.

When you get home, weed out the best and only the best images. Agencies will refuse similar images so just upload or send in the absolute best, although two or three shots at differing angles is fine.

Many stock photography sites have a process for submitting images which can take some time to complete, but if you end up with the opportunity to make some extra cash from your extra holidays snaps it may be totally worth your while.

Here’s a list of just some of the popular stock photography sites on the web:


Happy Snapping!

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