Biolase LaserWhite20


The LaserWhite20 teeth whitening system.

Used in conjunction with the ezlase 940 or LaserSmile laser, LaserWhite20 is a true laser-activated whitening system that is the most efficient whitening solution available. This combination accelerates the whitening process and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Biolase LaserWhite20

Does laser whitening really make my teeth white?

Yes! Laser whitening is designed to be safe and effective, and is an excellent means of bleaching and whitening dark, yellowed, or discolored teeth with extrinsic and intrinsic staining. The degree of whitening that can be achieved varies among patients based on the types of staining, enamel thickness, tooth structure, and age. But typical results range from six to twelve shades on the Vita Shade Guide Brightness Scale.

Does laser whitening work on dark stains?

Teeth with deep, intrinsic staining in the grayer tones generally will not respond as well as yellow shaded teeth. Some patients have teeth that are a natural yellow shade because enamel transparency allows the color of dentin to be visualized. In this case, patients may not show improvement after the LaserWhite20 treatment. Dentists are encouraged to discuss predictability and efficacy with the patient prior to the start of the whitening process to establish realistic expectations on the part of the patient.

How does laser whitening work?

The LaserWhite20 gel has been specifically formulated to work with Biolase diode laser systems. The laser energy is absorbed by special particles in the LaserWhite20 gel to activate the hydrogen peroxide, accelerating the whitening procedure.

First, the LaserWhite20 gel is placed on the teeth. The teeth are divided into 4 sections (quadrants). Each quadrant receives two treatments of 30 seconds of laser exposure with the ezlase 940 (or four treatments of 15 seconds with the LaserSmile).

Dividing the teeth into quadrants allows the laser to accelerate the whitening process while minimizing heat induced to the teeth. The gel is left on the teeth for an additional 5 minutes after the ezlase 940 laser exposures (1 minute for LaserSmile) to allow the teeth to absorb the laser-activated hydrogen peroxide, allowing continued whitening after the laser exposures. Two gel applications are required.

How soon would you notice improvement?

Great whitening results should already be noticeable immediately after the procedure, when the LaserWhite20 gel is removed. After 24 hours, there will be even more dramatic improvement! The patient should be advised not to consume products that can stain teeth for up to 48 hours after the treatment – including, but are not limited to, some fruits, coffee, red wine, tomato sauces, tea, and tobacco.

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