Jamie-lee Spencer

BSc. Oral Health Therapy, Curtin
I am one of the Oral Health Therapists at LifeCare Dental. I want you and all of my patients to feel comfortable and cared about after every visit.

Oral Health Therapist


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Perth CBD

419 Wellington Street
Perth (Forrest Chase)
Opposite the train station

(08) 9221 2777

About Me

Jamie-Lee is one of our Oral Health Therapists at LifeCare Dental.

Graduating in Western Australia then starting her career at Bupa in Adelaide for 3 years she has recently moved home to work alongside Dr Alex Negoescu.

Jamie-Lee shares a passion for knowledge and gaining new skills. She is one of two Oral health therapists in Western Australia to have completed the continuing professional development course for Adult Scope dentistry at Sydney University in November 2018.

When Jamie-Lee isn’t devoting herself to her patients at LifeCare Dental she is travelling the world. In April 2018 she visited Nepal and volunteered her time and skills to the monks residing at the Kopan Monastery.

She plays competitive Netball on the weekends while planning her next big trip around the world. Fitness is a big part of her weekly routine. That’s why Jamie Lee is your go to “gum trainer” and her patients are “gum athletes”.

Jamie Lee provides all gum athletes with the skills and techniques to prevent dental diseases such a bleeding gums and decay. Ask to book an appointment today for your dental health workout