Kathleen Unwin

Kathleen Unwin

Kathleen Unwin

BSc (OHT) Assoc. Deg Dent Hyg, Dip. Dent Tech

Kathleen Unwin graduated from Curtin University and has been working at LifeCare Dental as a Dental Hygienist for three years. Prior to her work at LifeCare Kat has worked at various dental practices around Perth.

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Kat completed her Diploma of Dental Technology at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has six years’ experience as a Dental Technician working in crown and bridge laboratories in Melbourne. This year she will qualify as an Oral Health Therapist which will enable her to provide restorative treatment to children up to the age of 17.

In October 2014 Kat took part in a volunteer dental day run by LifeCare and is planning to participate in an overseas dental mission in the New Year. When Kat isn’t volunteering and attending to patient’s teeth, she enjoys participating in new sports and various activities such as running and hot yoga. She has previously trained in karate and muay thai and used to teach kickboxing classes in Melbourne.

Kat can speak some Japanese and in the near future hopes she can dedicate more time to becoming fluent. Kat is also famous, but nobody has heard about her yet- watch this space.

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