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Affordable dental care for the whole family

Creating Youthful Smiles Since 1980

Our Mission

To create the healthiest smile that we can and maintain that smile for the rest of your life.

With more than 30 dentists, our extent of dental surgeons includes Dental Corporation Australia presenters, University of Western Australia tutors, dentistry award winners and mentors with over 150 years collective dental experience.

LifeCare By the Numbers

It began with just Alex Negoescu and his nurse Jean. Now, more than 30 years later it takes…



Dental Assistants

Sterilisation Staff


Languages Spoken

Lab Technicians


Our team has more than 150 years of collective dental experience and has completed over 40,000 extractions and 1,500 implants! We also have dental specialists available to answer your personal questions. With our extensive education, experience and passion, we’ve got you covered. Our staff can speak more than 30 different languages and all of our dentists are members of the Australian Dental Association.


All of our dentists attend Continual Professional Development lectures to ensure they are always keeping up to date with new knowledge, techniques and equipment. LifeCare Dental host these Continual Professional Development lectures, not only for their staff but also for anyone in the dental and medical field who are interested.