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Dental Care for Children

Give your children the gift of healthy teeth

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It’s essential for your kids to look after their teeth.

Having healthy teeth helps to improve their self-confidence and can prevent dental problems like cavities. At LifeCare Dental we can help teach your child why it’s important to take care of their teeth.

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How old does my child need to be for their first visit?

As soon as a child turns two, it’s time to visit the dentist or dental hygienist for an oral health assessment. We know that there can be nervousness or fears and work hard to make the visit a comfortable experience.

Children need to understand that a trip to the dentist is a good thing. That’s where Mum and Dad can help.

Some tips to ease their fears:

  • Start bringing your child at a young age so that dental visits become common place. Once your youngster’s teeth start to appear or by the time he turns one-year-old, whichever comes first, you should schedule his first check-up.
  • Ask your dentist if you can bring your child by for a visit before the actual day of his appointment. This will provide a sense of comfort when he sees the surroundings and meets our other staff.
  • If your child is nervous or anxious during his exam, hold his hand. The reassurance he gets from mum or dad will help put him at ease.

Will my child need X-Rays?

Your little one might be wondering why teeth X-rays are necessary, especially if his baby teeth will eventually fall out.

Some of the reasons for requiring X-rays differ from those of adults:

  • Reveal how baby teeth erupt through a child’s gums
  • Observe the number, size and location of teeth that have yet to erupt through the gums
  • Determine if your child has any extra or missing teeth
  • Identify existing infections in new teeth
  • Prepare for braces, if necessary
Dental Crowns and Bridges

What’s the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

In Australia, children aged between two and 18 years have free basic dental care through the public system, all part of the Commonwealth-funded Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). This free scheme is particularly ideal for low-income families who can’t afford private dental care.

Benefits for basic dental services, including examinations, X-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions, are capped at $1035 per child over two consecutive calendar years. Children won’t even have to be on a waiting list – the young patient will be given the next available appointment.

More details are available on the Human Services website:

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