Dental Fees & Prices

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Our Dentists attend Continual Professional Development lectures to ensure they are always keeping up to date with new knowledge, techniques and equipment.

Price Guide

Item No. Dental Service LifeCare Dental Fee
011 Comprehensive Oral Examination $57*
Oral Hygiene instructions Complimentary
022 X-rays (single film) $40*
114 Removal of calculus (scale + clean) $98*
Fillings Starting from $90* – $260*
311 Extractions $185*

Pricing Disclaimer

* Fees may vary depending on patient’s private health insurance.
* This Dental Fee Example is a guide only. Your personal situation should be discussed with your Dentist prior to your Dental Treatment.
* You may require fewer or additional dental services which may increase or decrease the total cost.
* An examination appointment is required in order to receive a personalised treatment plan. The total cost of your appointment will depend on your Health Fund level of cover.
* All waiting periods must be served in order to receive your Private Health Insurance Rebate.
* Patients with Government assistance program must provide all the necessary paperwork to be eligible and covered for their Dental Treatment.

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