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In need of emergency dental care? LifeCare Dental is here for you with immediate appointments available. Contact us at (08) 9221 2777 for Perth CBD or (08) 9409 3619 for Kingsway. Our emergency dentists are ready to assist you every day of the week.

Looking for dental extraction services in Perth? LifeCare Dental, with clinics conveniently located in Forrest Chase, Perth City Station, and Kingsway, offers expert care for tooth extractions to ensure your oral health and comfort.

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Understanding Dental Extractions

At LifeCare Dental, we understand that sometimes a tooth needs to come out. Tooth extraction becomes necessary when a tooth is beyond repair due to advanced decay or damage. While we strive to save teeth with fillings, crowns, or other treatments, extraction may be unavoidable in some cases.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

  • Advanced decay or damaged beyond repair
  • Blocking of other teeth’s eruption by extra teeth
  • Creation of space for braces fitting
  • Prevention of teeth shifting into empty spaces
  • Infection necessitating extraction

Types of Dental Extractions:

  • Simple extractions: Performed under local anaesthesia, these involve the use of specialised dental tools to gently remove the tooth from its socket, ensuring minimal discomfort for the patient.
  • Surgical extractions: Recommended for teeth in difficult positions, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Our caring dentists may need to make an incision in the gum and surgically remove the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are often extracted before or after they erupt, typically during late teens or early 20s. Impacted wisdom teeth, stuck in the jaw and unable to erupt properly, may cause pain or decay and need to be removed. Our expert dentists at LifeCare Dental are skilled in wisdom teeth extraction procedures to alleviate discomfort and promote oral health.

Will Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Many patients wonder if tooth extraction will be painful. At LifeCare Dental, our experienced team ensures that you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. With local anaesthesia and sedation options available, we strive to minimise discomfort and provide a positive dental experience.

Sedation Options for Comfortable Procedures

At LifeCare Dental, we prioritise your comfort during dental extractions. We offer a range of sedation options to minimise pain and discomfort, including the possibility of undergoing the extraction under full general anaesthesia for those who prefer it.

Don’t let dental extractions sound scary. Trust the experienced team at LifeCare Dental to provide gentle care and effective solutions for your dental needs. Schedule an appointment today for expert tooth extraction services in Perth.

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