Dental Extractions

Sometimes it just needs to come out

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If a tooth is beyond repair from the advanced stages of decay, we may recommend an extraction.

Tooth extraction is sometimes unavoidable. A tooth may need to be extracted if broken or if it is damaged by decay. If possible we will try to fix it with a filling, a crown or some other treatment. Sometimes the tooth cannot be saved and must be removed.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Some common reasons for extracting a tooth are:

  • Extra teeth may be blocking other teeth from erupting
  • Fitting of braces may require teeth extraction to create room in the mouth
  • Prevent teeth from shifting into empty spaces
  • Infected teeth may need to be extracted

Simple extractions

Extractions are performed under a local anaesthetic utilising special dental tools and instruments to remove the tooth from its socket. Our caring dentist’s will do everything they can to ensure our patients, experience very little discomfort throughout the procedure.

Surgical extractions

If your problem tooth is in a difficult position, our dentists may recommend a surgical extraction. Usually our caring dentist’s is required to make an incision in the gum and remove the tooth (in the case of wisdom teeth).

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth (also called third molars) are often extracted either before or after they erupt. This usually happens in late teens or early 20s. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that are stuck in the jaw and can’t erupt properly. They must be removed if they are decayed or cause pain. Some wisdom teeth are blocked by other teeth or there may be no room for them to erupt. This can irritate the gum, causing pain and swelling.

Sound Scary?

We have a range of sedation options to minimise pain and discomfort. You may even decide to have your extraction carried out under a full general anaesthesia.

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