Orthodontic Guidelines In The Time of Corona

In an effort to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of Covid-19, currently dental practices all across Australia are currently closed for routine treatment. This includes regular orthodontic visits. If you are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment with LifeCare Dental, please see the below guidelines.

I have braces, when will I be seen next?

When dental practices are allowed to be open for routine treatment, we will see you for your next appointment. In the meantime, your braces will still be working, just maybe a little slower than usual. Our reception will be in contact to reschedule, but if you have not heard from us in a while, please call.

Something has broken on my braces!

As long as it is not painful, this is fine, and you don’t need to come in. We can rebond or fix it at your next appointment, and correct anything at that point. The exception to this is if you have had expansion and the palatal bar is loose, in which case please contact us via email.

If there is mild pain, please manage this with wax.

If you are in a lot of pain, for example there is wire sticking out the back causing ulceration, please contact LifeCare Dental where a dentist will be able to see you for emergency treatment.

I have run out of elastics or chewies!

Please contact us and we can organise some to be sent to you.

I have Invisalign, what do I do?

Please continue Invisalign as instructed. However, it would be better to extend your aligner time to 14-20 days so as to slow down the treatment.

I am on my last aligner!

You may reduce your aligner wear to 10-12 hours and use this aligner as a retainer to hold the teeth in place, until we are able to see you next.

What do I do if an Invisalign attachment comes off?

Please make a note of it and continue your Invisalign as normal. We can reattach it later.

If there is anything you are particularly concerned about, or just any general questions please contact LifeCare Dental.

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