Fathers Day!


Father’s Day is coming up!

All of us at LifeCare Dental wishes you happy greetings on the upcoming Father’s Day celebration.

We’ve put together some top dental tips for Fathers!

1) Go to your child’s dental appointments
We love to see families here at LifeCare Dental. Kids also value the support having a parent with them as well. Having a parent in chair whilst the child watches also helps us engage and get them used to healthy oral health habits.

2) Be inspirational
Instead of just saying “Go Brush your teeth”, make it a family affair by brushing and flossing with your children

3) Protect your teeth
Dads if you play sport, make sure you get a custom mouthguard at LifeCare Dental. They fit perfectly in your mouth and allow natural breathing and speaking. They will be able to cushion the impact of a blow.

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