Philips Zoom! $50 Cash Back


Philips are offering $50 cash back on Philips Zoom! In-Chair Whitening treatments.

How to claim your $50 Cash Back on a Philips Zoom In-chair Whitening

To be eligible to claim the Philips Zoom! In-chair $50 cash back, you will need to do the following:

  • Schedule a consultation with your Philips Zoom! dental provider to see if you are eligible for a whitening treatment. Once your dentist gives you the go-ahead, schedule your Philips Zoom! In-chair Whitening treatment.
  • At your whitening appointment, your dentist/hygienist will provide you with a green unique code for the promotion. Ensure to keep this safe.
  • After your Philips Zoom! In-chair Whitening treatment, visit philips.com.au/zoom-cash-back-promotion
  • Enter your details on the online form including the green unique code that you would have received at your treatment and submit your details. All mandatory fields need to be compiled correctly in order to receive the cash back. An email confirming the submission of the claim will be sent to the email address provided.

Philips will provide the $50 cash back via cheque to your nominated address in the form within 3-4 weeks of receiving the claim.

If you have any queries, please contact our reception team on (08) 9221 2777

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